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"The perfect fit was the exact opposite of what I was looking for," one student proclaimed when admission decisions were rendered, explaining,  "A lot has happened in my personal life and at my small school and I realized I did not want to be in a small community like my current high school."

Rather than repudiate the counseling process, this realization validates it. One of the challenges of working with high school students is that they are just on the verge of stepping into a wider world. Many venture forth timidly, looking for familiar models and access to home. But breadth and even a few wildcards on an application list can provide good options come spring, when the heart is bold and the future comes into focus.

The experiences of current college students can resonate forcefully with those just setting out on this journey, a concept that drives the student bloggers at CollegeData who for a decade have shared their college search and outcomes. Students can compare their own stats with those of the bloggers to assess their chances at a wide range of real colleges and universities and read updates on the students' college experiences. 

Student Snapshots

I have profiled some of the students I have worked with over the years, to share information on popular majors and typical problems, as well as to introduce concepts that are factors in this process.

Tish O'ConnorTISH O’CONNOR offers comprehensive counseling on college admission and, as a less expensive option, runs application-writing workshops that focus on
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