Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

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What can CollegeConsult do for me?

At CollegeConsult, Tish O’Connor is available as:

  • An information resource, offering broad knowledge of educational opportunities
  • An experienced researcher to identify a range of suitable colleges for your skills and goals and to assist your family in securing the maximum financing for college
  • A personal coach to bring energy, order, and individual attention 
to the application process
  • A skilled editor to present your accomplishments and talents
in the most effective way
  • A sounding board, offering an informed perspective and a context to test ideas and resolve conflicts

Tish is happy to customize these services to meet your specific needs.

Please use the Contact Us form on this site to make an appointment or call Tish at 695-0068.

How much will it cost?

As a parent and a consumer, I feel that support in this life-defining process should be a priority, but cost is a big factor in our household—and I assume it is in yours too. I want to make my services accessible to most families and I have priced basic packages accordingly.

My standard package includes ten individual sessions plus four hours of research and/or editorial services, for $1,500.  I am told that my rates are about half of what other counselors in town charge, which reflects my commitment to broad access to higher education. After five years of working in this filed, I am quite confident that my editorial skills are a most important resource for my students.

This fall CollegeConsult presents College Applications Workshops: October 10 – November 17

These workshops are designed for small groups (no more than eight students, usually six), and supplemented with one individual counseling sessions and daily one-on-one editorial feedback. We start with brainstorming sessions and directed writing exercises to explore the prompts on the University of California and Common Application.  Students will complete the activities resume and short answers in class. Students develop and refine essay drafts during the workshop  and in after-class assignments. Each student benefits from individual editorial consultations to create a nuanced self-portrait in the composite essays.

A comprehensive application package that includes one individual counseling session prior to the workshop and email editorial support at the conclusion, plus the workshop package you choose—either one is a great value!

4 three-hour Workshops, preceded by one individual counseling session and followed by 4 hours of editorial interaction by email: only $600
3 three-hour Workshops, preceded by one individual counseling session and followed by  3 hours of editorial interaction by email: only $500

Reduce the stress of senior year and improve your college options. Groups are small and fill up fast: register now!

Use the Contact Us form  or email or call Tish at 805-695-0068 or Betsy at 805-453-2240.

Short-term packages to address specific needs are also available. For seniors who want support during the crucial fall season, I offer a package of six hours of a la carte services for $900. The client decides which services will be most helpful: maybe, one meeting to review the student’s list; another to brainstorm ideas for college essays, two more to review and refine essay drafts; a mock interview (I’ve conducted hundreds on behalf of my alma mater); with one to review financial choices, including essays for scholarships, this package would be fully utilized—but additional hours can be added.

Some seniors with whom I have worked only during the fall, find that attending weekend application-writing workshops helps them complete more applications and feel less stressed by the process. College Consult clients may elect to substitute the Fall Weekend Workshops for part of their packages or add those weekend sessions at a discounted rate.

My intention in this practice is to “tame the madness.” My counseling practice and workshops empower the student with insight and activate the writing process with guided exercises. The students become more confident and focused, as they develop and realize an action plan, with information and guidance.

Tangible results, in the form of polished essays, make completing the process of filing applications more manageable and less stressful. The student will take away effective tools to stay on course, and can rely on the established relationship with the counselor for a quick response to issues that arise until the final deadline is met and decision made.

Where was that list of SAT requirements by college?

It is posted in Applying, but it can also be accessed by clicking the highlighted link above.

What about the list of colleges that are test optional?
That organization that compiles this is called Fair Test. I had posted it with the SAT subject test requirements, in Applying, but it is also above.

What are the sign-up and test dates for the SAT and ACT?

Downloadable forms for college search:  College Research Notes forms to record notes of college visits.