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Financial Aid Guide

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Financial aid is a complex topic, but it is the one part of the college process in which parents must be centrally involved or even take the lead. In 2016 there is a major change in the deadline for filing the federal form, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), that determines eligibility for federal grants and loans and is used by many colleges, including the University of California, to triage institutional support.


Simpler Way to Apply for Financial Aid

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At Last, Your Financial Aid Ordeal Has Gotten Easier

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Applying for financial aid and choosing a college in the United States is still much too complicated, but some long-overdue reforms are finally underway, and in the nick of time.

Change is coming, and even if it is imperfect and incomplete, it is definitely welcome.


"Public Ivies" or the very best state universities

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Where are your chances of admission highest among the best public universities?


Snapshot of Financial Aid at Selective Colleges

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On her DIY blog, Michelle Kretzschmar emphasizes colleges that accept at least 50% of applicants and graduate at least 50% in four years at a private college or five years at a public university or an engineering program. But in this list she looks at more selective colleges, but still from the perspective of net cost to the student.


Merit Aid- 50 Best Colleges per Money Magazine

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The 50 Best Private Colleges for Merit Aid: if your family makes too much to qualify for need-based aid but you still want help with college costs, consider these schools, all of which land in the top half of MONEY's rankings, and have merit aid budgets. Their average merit grant is at least $6,000 a year, and at least 20% of undergraduates are awarded one. Typically, your odds for merit aid are best at schools where your grades and test scores put you in the top 25% of the applicants pool.


How to Afford to Study Abroad

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Whether you plan to study abroad for a semester or get your entire degree outside the United States, you may be able to use federal student aid to pay your expenses. The type of aid you can get—and the process you must follow—will depend on the type of program (study-abroad or full degree) you plan to enter. Your status as an undergraduate or graduate student also affects the type of aid for which you’re eligible, just as it does at schools in the U.S.


Avoiding FAFSA mistakes

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Colleges to avoid when searching for financial aid

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List of 15 schools that skimp on meeting need and offering merit aid


NY Times guide for families who haven't saved for college

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In just a generation or two, we’ve gone from students working their way through college without too much trouble, to many parents still being able to write checks to cover tuition out of current income, to sticker prices being so high that two decades of savings may not be enough to cover two children from relatively affluent families.