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Why Hire a Counselor?

The intention of my practice is to restore the potential for reflection and growth that is inherent in the college-application process. This can be a life-defining rite of passage, rather than the confusing, stress-filled, and often disappointing process it has become for too many students. Individual attention, structure, and support produce success, with less stress.

“I felt overwhelmed by the bulk of information and the many factors of each application, but you guided me through where I was lost.”


Tish offers broad knowledge of educational opportunities and college financing. With so many changes in admission requirements and processes—including the revamped UC app and the brand new Coalition App devised by 100 top colleges—Tish is committed to keeping her practice current through ongoing professional development.


A counselor brings energy, order, and individual attention to the application process, from search to the final decision.

“Three sessions helped me go from being totally bewildered to having a good sense of direction and assuredness, and that made the whole process so much less stressful.”


Compiling a college list that offers a range of solutions to the applicant’s requirements is the couselor’s primary job. Tish uses her knowledge base and specialized research to help each student find colleges that best fit their goals and interests, including majors, learning communities, and budget.


The written statements required by colleges are one part of the application process that seniors still control absolutely. Presenting accomplishments and talents in engaging essays is the most effective way to expand college options.

“Tish’s guidance through the essay process was invaluable. Her expert editorial feedback gave our daughter insight on her strengths and interests, and confidence in writing her applictions.”


Helping each student understand their personal strengths is the goal of this process. Finding the best colleges to develop that potential requires experience and skill.

“Our daughter’s college application experience was transformative due to the expert guidance of Tish O’Connor of College Consult. She gained self-awareness, maturity and focus as she worked through the application process.“

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