Ms. O’Connor listened thoughtfully in the initial phase of the process, taking note of what our specific needs and goals were. She helped fine-tune these, and also broadened our goals, offering many ideas that we hadn’t considered, and ultimately helped shape the list of universities where my daughter applied. Ms. O’Connor was especially helpful during the essay portion of the application process.
Kim, 2016
Our daughter’s college application experience was transformative due to the expert guidance of Tish O’Connor of College Consult. She developed significantly stronger writing skills in addition to a confident optimistic outlook toward her future academic career. Tish is an educator, mentor and professional editor all rolled into one terrific college counselor.
Charity, 2016
Our sessions helped me go from being totally bewildered to having a good sense of direction and assuredness, and I'm so grateful for that! Having your guidance made it much easier to navigate all of the complicated and confusing components of each college’s unique application requirements. I was able to feel confident that I was representing myself in the best light possible to highly competitive colleges, and that made the whole process so much less stressful.
Senior at Santa Barbara High School, 2015, who was accepted to UC Berkeley and Dartmouth, her dream schools
My daughter and I were living in Singapore when she began working on her college applications and essays. We didn’t intend to hire a counselor, but after stumbling a few times, we engaged Tish to help us to prune away the complexity. Although we never met her (except by Skype), Tish was so diligent in responding overnight to any queries that the distance and multiple time zones were not a hindrance. Her sound advice and thought-provoking comments on the essay enabled my daughter to fine-tune the contents significantly. My daughter is thrilled to attend Rice University, her school of choice.
I didn’t know where to begin. Tish helped me prioritize and was there every step of the way, to simplify and translate anything college related to make my college-seeking experience not only enjoyable but successful.
Stacy, UCDavis
Remembering all the details, deadlines, and requirements of college applications is more than challenging! I knew that nothing would be forgotten with Tish directing the process and monitoring the schedule. Watching my friends continue to struggle for months after I had submitted my applications and been accepted to my first-choice college, made me realize how relatively efficient and stress-free my process had been.
Jana, Univ. of Oregon
When starting the college process, I felt overwhelmed by the bulk of information and the many factors of each application, but you helped guide me through where I was lost. It was reassuring knowing you had lots of experience with college applications and could let me know what to expect and what colleges expected.
Katherine, Cornell
As parents, we found the college application process to be daunting, but Tish O’Connor was incredibly helpful in simplifying it. By taking the time to understand our daughter and our priorities for her college experience, Tish successfully channeled our search efforts early in the process toward the schools that were right for her.
Tish’s guidance through the essay process was invaluable. Her expert editorial feedback gave our daughter insight on her strengths and interests, and confidence in writing her applications.