Summer Workshops

Writing College Applications

Special Offer!

Free mini-workshop, sign-up required

On Friday July 29, 9:30-noon,

at the Goleta Public Library, 500 N. Fairview

Tish will preview the workshop content with a small group of students, providing tools and techniques to launch the essay portfoloio

Registration required: Call Tish (805) 705-2064 to reserve your place.

Workshop August 8–12, 2016 includes daily three-hour writing sessions, 9:30-12:30, preceded by a one-on-one meeting with the counselor. Five hours of editorial review of essays by email completes the program. Comprehensive fee: $750

Workshop are an inexpensive and effective format for students who primarily need guidance in writing essays and applications. 

Workshops start with brainstorming sessions and directed writing exercises to explore the (new!) prompts on the University of California and Common Application. After completing the activities resume and short answers, students develop and refine essay drafts during the workshop and in after-class assignments. 

Designed for small groups (no more than ten students), and supplemented with one-on-one editorial feedback, workshops empower the student with insight and jumpstart the writing process with guided exercises. Students become more confident and focused as they develop and realize an action plan, with information and guidance.

Tangible results, in the form of polished essays, make completing the process of filing applications more manageable and less stressful. The student will take away effective tools to stay on course, and can rely on the established relationship with a professional editor for a quick review of subsequent iterations of essays.

  • In-depth discussion of Common Application and UC Prompts
  • Brainstorming topics for comprehensive self-portrait
  • Drafting, critiquing, and revising foundation essays
  • Strategies to modify essays for multiple applications
UC Berkley University of California, Berkeley

Summer workshop package $750 includes

  • one individual counseling session 
  • daily writing workshops, over one week
  • up to 5 hours follow-up editorial review by email

College Consult clients may elect to substitute a three-hour workshop for an individual counseling session or add workshop days at a discounted rate.